Gravity Flow Pack

Various manufacturers available including Unex, Keneco, Mecalux and others.

Gravity Carton-Flow Order Picking Systems offer a cost effective solution to your storage problems with custom designs to fit every application. As a respected leader in designs and implementation of carton flow systems, MMH offers order picking systems, designed tested and updated to satisfy the most stringent demands of our customers. MMH also offers first-in-first-out systems that are cost effective. The concept of stacking product packages one behind the other speeds the operation of automatically moving product forward as opposed to systems that operate on a side-by-side stacking configuration. This storage solution allows stockers and order pickers to work in separate aisles resulting in less congestion, less effort, a reduction in labor cost and increased productivity.

  • Relatively low initial cost.
  • Virtually maintenance free.
  • Highly efficient for full case and/or split case picking.
  • Saves labor costs: order pickers minimize walking, "hunting", reaching. I picker as productive as 3 or 4 using Static Storage. Fewer pickers in fewer aisles require less supervision.
  • Saves floor space: uses as little as one half the floor space or Static Storage. Multiple aisles eliminated (only requires a "load" and a "pick" aisle).
  • Automatic stock rotation: always first-in, first-out.
  • Reduces congestion: picking in front, stocking in rear, with fewer workers. Picking and restocking can be done simultaneously.
  • Reduces product damage: product loaded once, picked once. No "deep reaching" or moving goods to pick. Less handling, less damage.
  • Increase inventory control: stock quantity is always visible.
  • Increase picking accuracy: more organized, compact picking area reduces picking errors.


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